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Occhio!, pronounced OAK-ee-oh, means “eye” in Italian. The name, store décor and philosophy demonstrate a strong European influence on design, the latest in eye care technology, and a collection of high fashion eyewear from around the world.

Dr. Kaufman and Dr. Lee provide comprehensive eye exams, contact lens evaluations and medical eyecare for adults and children. He uses the latest technology in computer aided prescription determination.

Occhio! values its patient’s business and offers frame, lens and non-glare coating packages that are 100% covered by Premera Microsoft insurance and many VSP plans.

Latest Treatment at Occhio

Lid Cleansing

Occhio Optometry is excited to offer the new technology of affordable Lid Cleansing to our patients in Sammamish. With use of a handheld device the treatment combines removal of bacteria with gentle exfoliation and massage of the eyelids.

The in-office Lid Cleansing can help mechanically remove the bacterial debris along the lid margin and also remove other cells that are obstructing the oil gland expression. It clarifies the eyelid tissue by removing the biofilm which can alleviate irritation and discomfort of the eyes. Patients who have blepharitis can significantly benefit from regular treatments and this reduces their home care maintenance. Even patients who don’t already have symptomatic blepharitis but who regularly wear makeup or contact lenses can benefit from the deep cleaning to maintain a healthy lid margin.

Ask about our introductory special. We want to make this affordable and accessible to our patients. Call or email our office to schedule your treatment.

Brilliant Futures Myopia Management Program

The wait is over! The only FDA approved daily disposable soft contact lens used to control nearsightedness in kids is available at Occhio. We are some of the first certified providers in Cooper Vision’s Brilliant Futures Myopia Management program actively fitting this contact in our area.

We Welcome New Patients

Here at Occhio Optometry, we love meeting new patients. Part of easing your concerns is explaining what you can expect from our practice. When you are new to our office, we put in the effort to provide you with a positive and comforting experience. Once you have been with us for a while, you can continue to expect the highest level of service.

We focus on providing quality optical care, excellent customer service, and a relaxing environment to maintain a lasting patient relationship. We consider your first visit the start of a long-term relationship with you.

What Our Patients Say

Occhio Optometry is the best eye doctor office you can visit in Sammamish. Dr. Jay is wonderful. He is very knowledgable, experienced, kind and patient especially with kids.

Niloofar S.

I've been a patient of Occhio for well over 10 years. Staff is friendly and Dr. Kaufman listens, is easy to talk to and answers all of your questions.

Steve R.

Leslie and Dr. J were great as usual. He spent the time discussing the current state of my vision, suggested some options, and facilitated a plan for the upcoming year. Leslie was very efficient in getting my contacts ordered.

John S.

Dr. Lee is very thorough. She treats every patient like they are the most important person to ever sit in her chair and treats all of your concerns and/or questions equally important. Her individualized care is top notch in eye care.

Wendy C.

My family has seen Dr. Jessica Lee for several years at another area practice. When I'd heard she'd left that location, I was delighted to hear she's still local to Sammamish! Before visiting Dr. Lee, I'd suffered from headaches and awful dry eye problems. She took the time to address my concerns and really tailor my prescription and contact lens brand to get a comfortable and accurate fit.

Leah L.

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